CLIENT: Department of Housing, Western Australia
TIMEFRAME: September 2012 – December 2012
VALUE: AUD$10 million

Highway Construction was responsible for the reconstruction and resurfacing of damaged roads, and construction of new roads for the remote Aboriginal community of Warmun, Western Australia following extensive flooding in the area.

Project Images

In 2010, Turkey Creek flooded the Warmun Community, a remote indigenous community located in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Dozens of homes were destroyed, and more than 100 people were evacuated. Large sections of road accessing the community were also washed away in the flood.

Reconstruction works initiated by the Department of Housing and delivered by Highway Construction and Kimberley Regional Service Providers included repairing damaged roads, as well as the construction of new roads and associated drainage works for replacement homes.

Highway Construction’s advanced traffic management experience enabled locals to access their properties throughout all stages of the project, and other logistical challenges associated with working in a remote community were overcome successfully through clever project management including the sourcing of local resources at every opportunity.

The project also required significant liaison with community representatives to manage the delivery of construction works with the least possible disruption to an already disrupted community. Sensitivity to areas of environmental significance was also observed using an exclusion zone system.

As a result, the project was successfully delivered on time and on budget, prior to the onset of the Wet Season, with a number of Warmun community members trained to undertake a variety of tasks on the job, and local plant and equipment was hired.

A comprehensive community engagement strategy was also adopted on this project through school-based awareness sessions, and liaison with community elders and councillors.