Traffic header highway construction

“The safety of our workforce and the travelling public is always our first priority.”

Highway Construction has highly sophisticated traffic management capabilities, developed over the past three decades delivering projects in remote regional areas and high speed densely populated urban environments.

This expertise is backed by our AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Managed System under the direction of our state-accredited traffic management expert, and supported by experienced staff with Advanced Worksite Traffic Management qualifications.

Our State Accredited Traffic Manager is supported by a number of staff with Advanced Worksite Traffic Management qualifications.

Our traffic management design capabilities are able to meet the most complex traffic interface scenarios, whilst also promoting the safest and most efficient passage of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists through construction sites.

We also have a demonstrated ability to integrate our traffic management planning with local residential and business community needs through proactive stakeholder communications. This is demonstrated by the high level of stakeholder satisfaction received throughout the delivery of our projects – attributable to our flexible approach to construction staging solutions that deliver efficiencies, whilst also minimising disruption.